Saturday, May 6, 2017

Registration: 8:30-9:00 am

Workshop: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Interactive Workshop

Lunch, Dinner, and S'mores Provided

Limited to 15 People!

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Fire Horse Ranch

38254 N 1st Street

Phoenix, AZ 85086

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Making SALES easy, lucrative, and fun!

What is HorsePower?

HorsePower taps into wordless communication between two beings which results in new insights and understanding. This interaction helps us experience and discover new ways of “being” and is a catalyst for empowering life changes. 

Through evolution, horses have developed a keen awareness of the energy in the world around them. It’s vital for their survival to sense the subtlest of signs, feel what can’t be seen, and trust their intuition without question.

When people enter their space, horses are aware of what energy they bring with them, even if they, themselves, aren't aware. Through this awareness and interaction, the horse mirrors the energy being presented, through physical movement and behaviors, and responds to it. 

While participating in this unrestricted interaction, people gain insight and awareness into many aspects of themselves. If they desire to immediately change their behavior, thinking, and/or energy, the natural result is immediate feedback from the horse. 

Bottomline, everything we think, feel, and believe will be reflected in the horses' behavior. NO more secrets. You will discover the key block that is keeping you from your greatest success! 

Eliminate Fear, Worry, and Doubt to create a 6-figure business.

  • Create Freedom and Power to live an enriched life 
  • Immediate transformationl feedback on your behaviors  
  • Increased ability to generate leads and fill your sales funnel 
  • Eliminate patterns and disruptive cycles that inhibit the flow of money and success
  •  Effortlesly release beliefs that will always get in the way 
  •  Grow your buiness and life with confidence 
  • Sell with authority with your renewed sense of self
  •  Convert the right people into paying clients 
  •  Experience HorsePower Transformation
  • ....and more

Limited to 15 People!

Jane M Powers and Diana Gogan combine over 30 years of experience and expertise to bring you HorsePower Transformation 

The ONLY way to grow a successful business and life is to eliminate fear, worry, and doubt. 

Imagine being able to have five- and six-figure business by doing what you love…both inside and out. Let's get you in front of the right people to have an impact that sells. No longer let your past, present, and projected circumstances dictate your outcome. 

Align your Potential......Accelerate your Success!

Stop horsing around and discover....

  • Simple methods to stop doing everything you think you need to and JUST make money
  • Unconsious blocks, fears, and behaviors that impair your success
  • An effortless way to show up, authentically, in your business 
  • A newly discovered sense of freedom with new practices to increase sales and convert more clients  
  • How to be concurrent on the inside and out (because this alone will make you millions)  
  • Transformation to think, do, and be the leading expert in your arena
  • Awareness techniques vital to the success of your business
  • How to make all your toughest problems and challenges go away
  • How to easily make a lot of money just by knowing your deepest hidden patterns 
  • The power of The Whisper of a Horse 

Exclusive event for ONLY 15 entrepreneurs that are serious about their success.  

AND - want to Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Sales.


  • Attracting all the right clients you want 
  • Generating money being much easier than you make it out to be
  • Increasing your confidence in everything you do
  • Never getting tripped up by ANY objection
  • Building an inner strength like never before 
  • Discovering the MAJOR obtacle getting in the way of your results 
  • Creating an undeniable and powerful inner strength
  • Selling with authority, every time
  • Converting sales at a premium price
  • Finally feeling that you have the freedom to be YOU!

Limited to 15 People!

This is NOT a sit and listen while your butt-goes-numb event. It is also NOT an event where you will get saddle sores.

This IS a hands-on, put-it-into-action event...and guess who is doing all the work? THE HORSES!



Ok, that isn't really how we talk, but most of you expect that. As you can see, we work with humans, you know the two-legged kind.  

Over and over again, you are surprised and astounded by our ability to understand and get you. Our nature is to feel you and mirror your thoughts, beliefs, and patterns. Maybe it sounds too good to be true. If you don't believe us, take a look at Jane M. Powers....if you kow anything about her, this picture is spot on! Right?!

We know that if you are this far down the page, one of two things is true for you...

One, you would love a horse to short-cut your results and show you what the heck is getting in the way of your ultimate success.  

Two, you don't care how you break through the blocks, hidden or not, you want to feel free, fulfilled, and extraordinary! 


BOTH! I have been around the track enough times to conclude, no matter the level of your success, you are striving for more money, freedom, and ease.

The best part of the day....we do all the work. You come and simply be you. We are committed to showing you what is going on inside your head and heart. We are both really good at this and can't wait to show you how amazing you can be in your life and business. You will leave a different person with a different understanding of how you walk in the world AND how to get results.

We are saving our best just for you.

See you there!

Bulter and Max 

HorsePower Transformation helps you:

  • break through the glass ceiling; 
  • position your expertise confidently; 
  • Sell your programs, products, and services through complete authenticity;
  • build your credibility and authority from the inside out; 
  •  skyrocket your results.

This Event Is For...

Entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone that wants to generate business leads and sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a seasoned entrepreneur, or if you’re giving regular sales presentations and business pitches. Even if you’ve never sold in front of a group before, this event will help you get more clients.

Money Making Break Throughs...

Attend this event and you’ll learn how to make money by being concurrent and authentic. You will walk away with an understanding of what stands between you and your greatest success. 

You’ll have a core belief that weaves through all you do, that MUST shift in order for you to convert more sales and bring a steady flow of clients to your door.

Grab your ticket to HorsePower Transformation: 

Discover the hidden patterns keeping you from getting more clients, faster, and easier than ever before.

Join us, and a select few that are committed to their success through authentic selling and powerful living.

HorsePower Transformation Team

Diana Gogan - Horse Whisperer

Diana Gogan is an Executive Coach, Corporate Catalyst, and Fire Horse Medicine Woman. With her insight, intuition, and understanding she’ll masterfully guide you into greater depths of yourself. Through empowering interaction with horses and nature you’ll find a strengthen connection to your dreams and desires.

When working with Diana there will be times she’ll walk beside you, times she’ll lead the way, and other times she’ll support you from behind; cheering you on and celebrating your triumphs. She holds a space and standard that will inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

With 20-years professional experience in banking and information technology, Diana knows first-hand the importance and need for balance between a successful career, nurturing your soul, and creating a fulfilling life of joy and peace. 

Diana is an NLP Master Coach, Equine Professional, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Combining coaching, equine assisted activities, spiritual awareness, and energy work, her clients often achieve goals faster than with other conventional methods. She blends the energy and wisdom of working with nature and animals into a multi-sensory experience that speaks to your heart, mind, and spirit – all at the same time. 

Jane M Powers - Sales Whisperer

Using her straight-forward, big-hearted style, Jane M Powers guides thousands to transform their message to money with her “Speak and Sell Formula”. 

With decades of successful speaking and coaching, and perhaps most important of all – real-life experience founding and running multi-million dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your message.

Entrepreneurs hire Jane to unleash the world class speaker in them so that they can generate a sustainable sales funnel to easily identify, capture, and close ideal clients. With nearly 30 years of sales success as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur, she brings you everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool around – Speaking! 

Jane is known for her practical, down-to-earth style. Jane’s fusion of savvy conversational techniques and real-life stories allow her to connect with her audience on an intensely intimate level. For over 25 years, Jane has been stepping into the spotlight with a signature talk moving people to action to make more money, have more fun and most of all – make a difference.

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