2018 Done4U Giveaway - Ultimate Impact Formula

Unleash the World Class Speaker in YOU! Get seen, get heard, and get sales in seconds!

  • Get Seen...Get Heard...Get Sales from any platform.
  • Get Booked Today! 100’s of places to speak.
  • 29 Fail Proof Booking Tips provides scripts to get the gig over and over again.
  • Ultimate Impact Formula: Create an INTROmercial….and use it to sell every time. 
  • Convert your ideal client in seconds, I am not kidding! 
  • Stand out and stop being boring, confusing, and inconsistent.
  • SELL MORE every time you open your mouth.

Sells for $997 - FREE for the Done 4 You Giveaway

  The "Done4You Giveaway" runs from Monday, May 7, 2018, through Monday, May 28, 2018, ending at midnight EASTERN.  

Contributors with raffles will draw winners and notify them by email on May 29, 2018.  

Raffle winners have 30 days to redeem their prize, unless otherwise notified by contributors.  

All "Done4You Giveaway" contributors are independent business owners, and are operating with, but SEPARATELY from the "Done4You Giveaway" promotion.

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